Save The Rainforest, Inc.

A nonprofit organization that promotes purposeful travel, inspires students, saves rainforest and alleviates poverty.  


The Donation


Ending world hunger, curing cancer and saving rainforests are noble causes indeed.  But it takes money to accomplish these things and Theobald Rhinelander has offered to donate fifty million dollars to the charity whose representative impresses him the most during a weekend stay in his remote and dreary mansion.  Comedy abounds as he tests their commitment to the causes they espouse and a ghost in the mansion’s attic makes things uncomfortable.  Will one of the representatives succeed in winning the donation, or will forces beyond their control frustrate all the do-gooders? 

Where: Verona Area Performing Arts Center, 300 Richard St., Verona, WI
When:  October 27, 28 at 7.30pm & October 29 at 2pm  & 7:30pm  

Cost: $16 adults,$12 for seniors &  students through high school

Net proceeds from this production will be donated to the Jaguar Paw Project* in Panama and $500 will be donated to Save the Rainforest by Burkhalter Travel if 500 or more people attend opening night.  *See for details.

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Interesting Fact.  The Amazon region provides 20% of the world's breathable oxygen and 20% of the world's fresh water.

Hats off to the folks who are helping to make this production possible.

Note to theatrical world:
Please email us at if you would like to act in, direct or work backstage in one of our productions.

Production history:  PRELUDE TO PARADISE LOST  Sept 9, 2017

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