Save The Rainforest, Inc.

A nonprofit organization that promotes purposeful travel, inspires students, saves rainforest and alleviates poverty.  


The Donation


All that stands between Willow Goodpearson getting a fifty million dollar donation to save the rainforests of Borneo during her weekend visit to Theobald Rhinelander’s creepy mansion in the north woods of Wisconsin is a pack of hungry wolves, a basement infested with black widow spiders, a ghost in the attic, LaToya Worthy and her nemesis from the Society to Eliminate Cancer, Dr. Constance Carealot.

Where: Verona Area Performing Arts Center, 300 Richard St., Verona, WI
When:  October 27, 28 at 7.30pm & October 29 at 2pm  & 7:30pm

Cost: $16 adults,$12 for seniors &  students through high school

Auditions:  August 19, 1-3:30pm , Verona Public Library & August 21 7-9pm, Verona High School Theater.  Cold readings from script for 3 female and 2 male roles.

Cast Description

Theobald Rhinelander: A guilt-ridden, misanthropic millionaire who loved his grandson despite the young man’s many flaws. He is cynical and disenchanted with life. (advanced in years)

Willow Goodpearson: Earnest and ethical, Willow is the nearsighted representative of The Coalition to Save Nature who is good at taking charge of things. She has clashed with Dr. Carealot from the Society to Eliminate Cancer over donors before. (Late twenties and up)

LaToya Worthy: A former Peace Corps volunteer and representative of the Feed the World’s Children Fund, LaToya is passionate spokesperson for her cause. Unfortunately for her, she is quite easily spooked. (late twenties and up)

Dr. Constance Carealot: The good doctor is attractive, well-dressed and is willing to do anything to persuade Theobald to donate his wealth to the Society to Eliminate Cancer. She has something of a superiority complex as well. (in her thirties)

Eldridge Rhinelander: Grandson of Theobald and a repugnant human being. (In his twenties)

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Interesting Fact.  The Amazon region provides 20% of the world's breathable oxygen and 20% of the world's fresh water.



Don't miss our dramatic reading of PRELUDE TO PARADISE LOST Sept 9, 7-8pm at Orchard Ridge United Church of Christ, 1501 Gilbert Rd. Madison, WI. Admission is free.

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